Dinner Menu


Huitres en coquille a la Rockefeller (notre creation) - 15
Louisiana Gulf Oysters baked on the half shell with the original Rockefeller sauce created by Antoine's in 1889.

Huitres Thermidor - 15 
Fresh Louisiana Gulf oysters baked on the half shell with a bacon and tomato sauce.

Huitres Bienville - 15 
Fresh Louisiana Gulf oysters baked on the half shell with a white wine sauce seasoned with onions, pimento, and fresh peppers.

Huitres a la Foch - 15 
Fried Louisiana Gulf oysters on toast buttered with paté, served with a rich Colbert sauce.

Escargots a la Bourguignonne - 14
Snails in Antoine's presentation of the classic Bourguignonne sauce.

Escargots a la Bordelaise - 14 
Snails basted and baked in a red wine and garlic sauce, crowned with a delicious mixture of cheeses and French bread crumbs.

Crevettes remoulade - 13 
Chilled Louisiana Gulf shrimp in Antoine's unique remoulade dressing.

Cocktail aux crevettes - 13 
Chilled Louisiana shrimp served with a classic cocktail sauce.

Chair de crabes ravigote - 21 
Lump crabmeat served chilled in a creamy Creole mayonnaise dressing.

Ecrevisses Cardinal - 15 
Louisiana Crawfish tails in a special white wine sauce with a hint of tomato -- our creation!

Chair de crabes au gratin - 21 
Lump crabmeat in a cream sauce sprinkled with a light cheese and French bread crumb mixture baked and browned in a casserole.


Gombo creole - 9/10 
A classic preparation of rich Louisiana gumbo with blue crabs, oysters, and gulf shrimp.

Bisque d'ecrevisses - 9/10
Louisiana crawfish reduced to a thick, rich, and well-seasoned soup (shrimp substituted during off season.)

Potage Alligator au Sherry - 9/10
A well-seasoned sherry wine-laced, alligator bisque.

Soupe a L'oignon gratinee - 11

A flavorful favorite onion soup baked in the oven and crowned with a delicious combination of cheeses. 


Salade Antoine - 8
A delightful blend of mixed greens and spinach with cherry tomatoes topped with a vinaigrette dressing. 

Salade de laitue au Roquefort - 9
A wedge of iceberg lettuce with cherry tomatoes, carrots, bacon and walnuts topped with a rich Roquefort dressing.

Salade combinaison - 9 
Mixed greens and spinach tossed with artichoke, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and cranberries topped with feta cheese and a vinaigrette dressing. 


Epinards sauce crème - 8 
Spinach in a light cream sauce with onion, garlic and romano cheese baked in a casserole. 

Broccoli sauce Hollandaise (de saison) - 8
Steamed broccoli served with Hollandaise sauce.

Asperges au Beurre - 8 
Steamed fresh asparagus served with butter.

Pommes de terre brabant - 7 
Diced potatoes fried and served with melted butter. 

Pommes de terre soufflées - 8
The classic Antoine’s fried puffed potatoes.

Pommes de terre au gratin - 8 

Potatoes in a cream sauce baked in a casserole with light cheese gratinee. 

Mais Grille - 8 

Roasted corn with onion, garlic, thyme, parsley and tomatoes baked in a casserole. 


Alciatore - 7
A unique combination of sweet brown pineapple sauce and a rich Béarnaise-a favorite with lamb or beef-our creation

Champignons - 7 
Fresh mushrooms in a rich red wine sauce

Marchand de Vin - 7 
Antoine's presentation of a classic red wine sauce.

Béarnaise - 7 
A variation of Hollandaise sauce, flavored with tarragon and white wine

Demi-bordelaise - 7 
Traditional garlic butter sauce


Poulet aux champignons - 27
Chicken breast sautéed with fresh mushrooms, butter and garlic.

Poulet sauce Rochambeau - 28 
Grilled chicken breast on a thin slice of smoked ham served with Antoine's original Rochambeau sauce and a rich Béarnaise sauce. 

Cotelettes d'agneau grillées - 47 
Prime center cut lamb chops grilled and served with mint jelly.

Filet de boeuf nature - 43 
Grilled centercut of prime tenderloin.

Filet de Boeuf en brochette Marchand de vin - 31
Prime tenderloin tips with Marchand de Vin sauce. 

Cote de veau Rossalini - 48 
13 oz grilled veal chop served with duck foie gras mousse and topped with a red wine truffle sauce.

Chateaubriand - 120 ( for two) 
Grilled center cut tenderloin of beef for two, served with potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and Antoine's Marchand de Vin and Bearnaise sauces. 


Filet de Gulf Poisson aux Ecrevisses Cardinal -  36
Grilled or fried filet of Gulf fish du jour with Louisiana crawfish tails in a white wine sauce - our creation.

Filet de Gulf Poisson au Vin Blanc - 36 
Poached filet of Gulf fish du jour in a white wine, shrimp, mushroom, oyster and cheese sauce, baked and topped with toasted bread crumbs. 

Filet de Gulf Poisson Meuniere - 27
Fried filet of Gulf fish du jour topped with a hot butter meuniere sauce.

Filet de Gulf Poisson Amandine - 28 
Fried filet of Gulf fish du jour topped with toasted sliced almonds and a hot butter meuniere sauce. 

Filet de Gulf Poisson Pontchartrain - 40 
Grilled Gulf fish de jour with lump crabmeat sautéed in butter.

Pompano grillé - 35 
Grilled filet of pompano. 

Pompano Pontchartrain - 42 
Grilled filet of pompano with lump crabmeat sautéed in butter.

Crabes mous frits - 32 

Soft shell crabs fried in a light batter, with a hot butter meuniere sauce. 

Crabes mous amandine - 33 
Soft shell crabs fried in a light batter with hot melted butter meuniere sauce and toasted sliced almonds. 


Omelette Alaska Antoine - 19 (order at commencement of dinner) 
Antoine’s very special dessert, filled with vanilla ice cream with pound cake on the bottom and egg white meringue on top flambeed on the outside to perfection. The presentation of Baked Alaska for two (Please note: This special dessert must be ordered in advance.) 

Pudding de Pain de Noix de Pecan - 9 
A cinnamon and raisin bread pudding topped with a warm Rum sauce. 

Meringue glacee sauce chocolat - 8 
Vanilla ice cream on a lightly toasted meringue draped with chocolate fudge sauce.

Peche Melba - 9 
Candied peach slices, vanilla ice cream, Raspberry sauce, and chopped toasted almonds. 

Crème glacée - 7 
Vanilla  ice cream. 

Cerises jubilee - 10 per person ( minimum of two) 
Sweet, dark cherries flamed in brandy at the table and served over vanilla ice cream. (minimum of two)

Mousse au chocolat - 8 
Chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream.

Creme renversee au caramel - 8 
Caramel custard served with fresh berries. 

Gateau chocolat d’Yvonne - 11 
Rich chocolate layer cake with a raspberry base. 

Café et thé

Café brulot diabolique - 10 per person ( minimum of two) 
Antoine’s creation of hot spiced coffee flamed at your table with brandy - our creation!

Café / Café Decaf - 5 
Antoine's dark French roast

Café au lait - 5 
French roast coffee with hot milk

Thé - 5 
Hot tea

Thé glacé - 5 
Iced tea

(Prices subject to change)

Service at Antoine’s is exclusively a la carte

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