Sunday Jazz Brunch Menu

~~~ We will be having a condensed Brunch menu on Mother's Day, May 8th, 2016 along with a Mother's Day Sunday Brunch Special. Our regular Jazz Brunch Special will NOT be available ~~~

11:00am - 2:00pm
Petit Dejeuner Dimanche


Huitres en Coquilles a la Rockefeller (Notre Creation) (3) - 8 
Three oysters baked on the half shell with the original Rockefeller Sauce created by Antoine's in 1889.

Escargots a la Bordelaise - 14
Snails basted and baked in a red wine garlic sauce, crowned with a delicious mixture of cheeses and French bread crumbs

Crevettes Remoulade - 13
Boiled Louisiana shrimp served cold in an Antoine's own Remoulade dressing

Chair de crabes ravigote - 21
Lump crabmeat served cold in a delightful seasoned dressing

Champignons Fourves a la Chair de Crabes Sauce Hollandaise - 11 
Mushrooms stuffed with lump crabmeat filling, sprinkled with a light cheese and French bread crumbs, baked in a casserole, and topped with Antoine's rich Hollandaise Sauce


Gumbo creole - 9/10
A classic preparation of rich Louisiana gumbo with blue crabs, oysters and gulf shrimp

Bisque d'ecrevisses (de Saison) - 9/10
Louisiana crawfish reduced to a thick and well-seasoned soupp

Potage Alligator au Sherry - 9/10
A well-seasoned sherry-wine-laced alligator bisque. 


Salade de Laitue au Roquefort - 10 
Antoine's greens, red onions, shaved carrots, chopped walnuts, crumble Roquefort topped with a vinaigrette. 


Pommes de terre soufflés - 8 
The classic Antoine's fried puffed potatoes. 

Pommes de Terre Brabant - 7 
Diced fried potatoes served with melted butter.

Espinards Sauce Creme - 8
Spinach in a light cream sauce with onion, garlic and romano cheese baked in a casserole. 

Something for the younger diners

Pain Perdu “Lost Bread” - 9 
Antoine's version of French Toast with fruit

Poulet frits “Chicken Tenders” - 13 
Fried chicken breast strips with Brabant potatoes


Egg Entrees served with a side of fried asparagus - no subsitutions - One complimentary mimosa with purchase of an Egg Entree 

Omelette a la Chair de Crabes - Crabmeat Omelette served with Antoine's Creole tomato sauce - 26 

Omelette de Crevettes - Shrimp Omelette served with Antoine's Creole tomato sauce - 22 

Omelette aux Fromage - Cheese Omelette served with Antoine's Creole tomato sauce - 16 

Traditional Brunch

Egg Entrees Served with a side of fried asparagus - no substituions - one complementary mimosa with purchase of an Egg Entree 

Oeufs Benedict - 18 
Poached eggs over baked ham served with Antoine's rich Hollandaise

Oeufs Sardou - 20 
Poached eggs over steamed artichoke bottoms with Hollandaise Sauce

Oeufs Florentine - 18 
Poached eggs on a bed of creamed spinach with Hollandaise Sauce, it's served au gratin


Entrees served with a side of fried asparagus - no subsitutions - one complementary mimosa with purchase of Entree 

Filet de truite amandine - 28 
Filet of fried Gulf fish du jour with sliced toasted almonds and a lemon-butter sauce

Grillades & Grits - 22
Creamy butter grits served with veal in a rich Espagnole sauce

Gateaux de Crabs Horseradish - 27 
Two grilled crab cakes served with a creamy Creole horseradish sauce

Veau a la sauce Crabe Champignons Hollandaise - 30 
Panneed veal topped with lump crabmeat and mushrooms topped with Antoine's rich Hollandaise sauce

Huitres en Brochette au Pecan Rice Pilaf - 22
Fried oysters and bacon over a pecan rice pilaf with a Beurre Blanc sauce

Porc grille a la sauce Porto Apple - 26 
Center cut pork loin grilled and served with a Port apple reduction and Brabant potatoes

Crevettes et Grits - 26 
Louisiana gulf shrimp sauteed in a garlic tomato sauce served with a creamy buttered grits

Petite Filet Marchand de Vin & Champignons - 35 
Petite tenderloin of beef with Antoine's famous red wine sauce and sliced mushrooms


Omelette Alaska Antoine - 19 (serves two) ~ order at commencement of meal ~ 
Antoine's very special presentation of Baked Alaska for two *Order at commencement of dinner*

Meringue Glacée Sauce Chocolat - 8 
Vanilla ice cream over lightly toasted meringue shell draped with chocolate fudge

Peche Melba - 9 
Candied peach slices, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce and chopped toasted almonds

Gateau de Fromage Grandmere - 9 
A creamy baked cheese cake topped with the sauce du jour

Crème Renversée au Caramel - 8 
Our own heavy cream vanilla flavored baked caramel custard

Gateau Chocolat d'Yvonne - 11 
Rich chocolate layer cake with a raspberry base

Pudding de Pain de Noix de Pecan - 9  
A raisin custard cinnamon bread pudding topped with a butter rum sauce

Favorite Brunch Drinks 

Antoine's Smile - 6 
A delicate blend of Calvados (apple brandy), lemon juice, simple syrup and a dash of grenadine

Bloody Mary - 6 

Mimosa - 6 

Cafe et The

Coffee and Tea 

Café Brulot Diabolique 10 per person ( minimum of two)
Antoine's creation of hot spiced coffee flamed at your table with brandy (minimum of two)

Cafe / Cafe Decaf - 5 
Antoine's Dark French Roast

Cafe au Lait - 5 
French roast coffee with hot milk

The - 4 
Hot tea

**Not available on Easter Sunday or Mother's Day**

Three Course Sunday Jazz Brunch Special

Choice of Appetizer

Crab Cake
A grilled crab cake served on a bed of spring mix greens with a bacon vinaigrette and topped with a creamy Creole horseradish sauce

Fresh Spring Salad
Louisiana strawberries, walnuts, and crumbled bleu cheese served with strawberry viaigrette

Choice Of Entree

Poached Egg Cochon
A poached egg with shredded pork served on a green onion biscuit draped with Hollandaise sauce

Soft Shell Crab Florentine
A fried soft shell crab served over a bed of creamed spinach draped with Bearnaise sauce


Creamy Cheesecake
topped with cinnamon strawberry sauce

Exclusive of 9.75% tax, gratuity, and other alcohol.
For parties of 15 or less